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  • It is no secret that people tend to avoid flying with layovers. This causes difficulties when it comes to selling layover tickets, usually leaving some flights half-empty.

    There is now a way out! Our team has researched all the reasons why passengers tend to avoid layovers and found solutions to them all. These solutions were put together into one unified system - Layover Guru.

    Layover Guru system makes more people open to flying with layovers, ensuring not just a consistent full booking of layover flights for airlines but also a guarantee of satisfied customers.
  • OTAs:
    Most people avoid flights with layovers because they consider layovers stressful, many fear the unknown.
    This causes low sales of layover flight tickets and other layover-related services.
    Layover Guru system is the ultimate solution.It is designed to show travellers how exciting layovers can be and guides them throughout.
    This significantly boosts the revenues of OTAs.

    High Street Travel Agents:
    High street travel agents can use the Layover Guru system as a tool for travel-related operations, including the sales of direct flights, destination guides and a whole lot more.
  • Many travellers avoid layovers mostly because they consider them uncomfortable.
    Some fear they may miss their connecting flights while some don't know how to spend layovers.

    However, layovers can be exciting while being a means to save money.
    We eliminate every passenger's worries about layovers and guide them throughout.
    Layover Guru system is carefully designed to cater to every passenger's needs.
    We provide information about their flight schedules, prices, layover city and airport, how to spend layovers in these places, and a whole lot more.
    This gives them no choice than to opt for flights with layovers knowing they have a guarantee of satisfaction.

Discover New Opportunities

To eliminate every fear and worry involved with layovers.
Replace it with an enjoyable and exciting experience at layover airports
or related cites.
Make more and more travellers opt for layover tickets.
As a result, facilitate a boost in the sales of layover tickets for airlines, travel agents, and all companies or individuals involved in flight tickets trade.

- Research airports and collect the necessary data about them and related cities.
- Research timetables, prices, and types of transport in every layover city.
- Connect to major GDSs to get exact information of flight schedules and fares.
- Link every location to Google APIs - transport, map, places.
- Prepare a comprehensive description of every place & service in airports & cities.
- Explain in detail every procedure in all layover airports.

- We provide only valid and up to date information.
- We use real-time schedules of flights and transport to optimize time for every      activity and procedure within each stage of a journey.
- Owing to our time optimization, we ensure travellers are always in time for their    connecting flight.
- Custom rules and basic norms of any layover city are immediately made    available to travellers while they search.
- Every step from the aircraft to the city center and back is explained clearly and    in a user-friendly manner.
- We bring out the best in travelling experience by providing travellers with the    most exciting recreations at their layover airport and city.

- To those who are interested in fast integration of Layover Guru system we offer a    widget for easy setup

- To those who want to develop own front end UI and select needed functionality    we offer access to Layover Guru API for custom integration.

- We also offer our extensive cities & airports knowledge base to high street travel    agents.

Layover Guru is continually growing, and we are actively working on expanding our base to cover all of Asia’s hub airports. This includes in:
China, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Kazhakstan, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, South Korea, North Korea, Maldives, India, and other countries.
Not only is Layover Guru expanding across Asia but all over the world. Every major airport and city in the Middle East from:
Doha(Qatar), Abu Dhabi, Dubai (UAE), Cyprus, and more, is being included in our database.
We are also covering airports in: Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Egypt, and the Philippines.

The promotion of tourism is one of our fundamental end goals. We introduce people to different cultures. This we achieve by encouraging travellers to travel and make a stop in any of the airports and cities in our database while we guide them and ensure their utmost satisfaction in these places. Therefore all airports and cities partnering with us have a guarantee of generating revenue through tourism promotion.

Our cornerstones


We have many years of experience in tourism and aviation. We are travel industry experts with a full understanding of passengers' psychology and a rich background in the development of airline tickets and hotels booking systems.


We research airports and cities, timetables of transports and places. We find the best routes and the best attractions to visit. We know all airlines schedules, ground transport, timetables and prices. We collected all customs rules & local norms.


Our system is designed with the latest technology. It can be integrated as a widget into any website or computer system in minutes. Likewise, it can be fully customised to match any hosting website or system design by using our API.


We provide passengers with all the necessary information for their layover journey, including full and comprehensive travel guides. We take them by the hand and ensure their safety and well-being by providing clear information of schedules and navigation.


All information is available to passengers instantly during flight search. Layover Guru allows users to review a layover city and save the details in their personal cabinet so they could come back to it later. Also, it allows them to add places to the downloadable brochure.


For user comfortability, we are designing a mobile version of Layover Guru system which will be supported by all mobile phones and portable devices. We are currently developing an application that users will be able to use as a personal guide in their layover or holiday cities.


Make everybody satisfied

Following our layover guide, passengers can be sure that their well-being is totally taken care of.
Yes with us, every party is satisfied. By using our system, airlines, tourist agencies, and flight ticket providers can once and for all bid farewell to low sales of layover tickets. Travelers booking flights through web-sites or travel agencies, using our system are guaranteed of excellent layover experience, and Layover Guru ensures the continuity of this cycle of satisfaction.

Enjoy layovers

No matter how long a layover is, we know how to keep travelers entertained and interested throughout. In fact, one can even say the longer the merrier!
If a passenger is going to have a short layover, our system provides all the info and guide they need in order to have a wonderful time at the airport before their connecting flight.
And if it is going to be a long one, travelers are recommended to tour and explore their layover city.
What better way to spend a long layover, right? Our system serves as a companion for each person, guiding them every step of the way, and explaining to them details of every process, including transport from the airport to the city and back, the best places to visit, prices of layover tours, and a lot more!

Be safe and sound

Following our layover guide, passengers can be sure that their well-being is totally taken care of.
Now there is no longer fear of not knowing what to do during layovers, not knowing how to navigate through the airport, not knowing where to go, not knowing where to eat or shop, not knowing the custom rules of the city, not knowing the basic norms of the city, not knowing the transit time of their layover airports, not knowing how to manage time during a layover and so on, because we make all this information available.
Layover Guru has everyone wholly safe and sound!

We connect to local guides

To enhance user satisfaction, Layover Guru is connected to local guides networks in every layover and destination city. Hence, travellers are able to book a local guide directly through our system. This provides every travel company affiliated to Layover Guru with an additional means of profit through revenue sharing.

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What People Say

We are a small traveling and tour company, and we've always had difficulties selling layover tickets in the past as many people constantly tried to avoid them. There wasn't much we could do. We came in contact with Layover Guru and decided to try their widget. And since then there has been a tremendous increase in the sales of layover tickets. Clearly, the system works, passengers are satisfied, and in return, it's a win for us.

Philip Chadwick

Although there are tons of travel software these days, there hasn’t been any which care so much about passengers during layovers. I think that’s what really makes Layover Guru stand out. The system works like a dream! After getting the API for my travel and tour website, I have only been receiving positive feedback from people who buy flight tickets with layovers from my website. The guides are always up to date, and I am always sure that I am giving the right information when advising people on their trips.

Elena Gente

What can I say? Layover Guru is simply a no-brainer for me. This system has incredibly helped my business. I never believed that solving the problems with people avoiding layovers and low sales of tickets for flights with layovers was practical. After all, it has always been that way, and everybody has come to terms with it. But with Layover Guru, I guess I am now a believer.

Maria Zubareva

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